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Providing patient care & education to help live a balanced, healthy & productive life.

Family and mental health nurse practitoner Nina Lane headshot

"In my practice everyone is treated as a VIP."

Nina Lane, Family & Mental Health Nurse Practitioner


Nina Lane, a Family & Mental Health Nurse Practitioner has dedicated a 25-year career to providing care to children, adults and the elderly. She spent a significant time in her career as a critical care nurse and was driven by that experience to create health services that are designed to preserve life at its best. As founder of Sanctum™ private medical practice, Board Certified APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse) Nina Lane, has the expertise and experience to provide her patients with solutions for total body wellness. Nina is an active member of the Holistic Nursing Association, The American Nurses Association, and a respected member of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners, which are all an integral part of her practice foundation.


Sanctum was created as a better solution for today’s changing medical environment. The extraordinary SIHS’s medical team knows that total body wellness is the best way to enjoy and live life to the very fullest. Nina’s commitment to lifelong learning ensures that she has the

resources and knowledge to provide her patients with UpToDate treatment options that will help them Renew, Restore, Rebuild, and maintain an optimum level of health.

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Sanctum Integrated Health Services (SIHS) provides combined medical and mental health services to its patient population. We provide care to individuals throughout their lifespan starting from age 5 to end of life.

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